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Car boot liners

Good quality car boot liners, the ones with a rim around the edge, give great protection against car boot damage due to scuffing and stains. Frequent culprits include dogs, children’s buggies, dirty welly boots, tools, DIY stuff, spilt milk. Having a boot liner is like wearing the right clothes for the job - you’ll be more comfortable about using your car as a work horse and will get more done. A boot liner will of course also help to protect the car’s resale value, preventing general wear and tear and keeping your car boot floor in near new condition.

Boot liners are available for nearly all cars
Mercedes BMW Audi Jaguar Alfa Romeo Lexus Ford Vauxhall Toyota Nissan VolksWagen Mazda Citreon Peugeot Renault Fiat Honda Volvo Land Rover SAAB Mini Suberu Iveco Mitsubishi Isuzu Kia Jeep Suzuki Skoda

We think that has the UK’s largest range of ‘tailored fit’ polymer car boot liners. Even the cheaper liners provide excellent resistance to hard impacts and sharp edges, and don't deteriorate with use. They all provide a very neat fit and, unlike the cheapest rubber mats, they’re odourless. Cleaning is easy - wipe them down. People often take the high sided liners out of the car and hose them down.

Choose between low sided or high sided boot liners. All low sided liners have a rim of between 3cm and 5cm which is essential for containing spills. The high sided liners are approximate 20cm high.

We only source our bootliners and floor mats from top quality manufacturers. Price differences are largely down to the type of materials used. They are all are excellent value for money!

Carbox boot liners (Germany) were the first into the boot liner market and they're still at the top of the game, also manufacturing numerous ‘Original Equipment’ boot liners for top end car manufacturers. Their material has a food grade surface (non-porous, easy to clean, hygienic) which also has just the right amount of friction.

Autoform boot liners (Sweden) is also a global player in this sector, making boot liners for car manufacturers. Autoform’s boot liners are vacuum formed from a non-slip thermoplastic, and are similar to Carbox in quality and texture.

Rezaw Plast boot liners (Poland) is in our opinion much the best of the mid-market producers, with all the ISO quality standards that we expect. Their liners are more rubbery, with greater sliding resistance, but they are also a very good fit, feel good and look smart.

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